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Honoring America and Those Who Serve and Protect It

Join Scorched Concepts in showing our love and support for our country and the American service members by purchasing our handmade rustic wooden flags and decors. Each product is made to order and handcrafted with the highest level of quality.

Proudly American Made

Our business emphasizes the importance of giving back. We are proud patriots who are passionate about building flags that honor America and those who serve and protect.

About Scorched Concepts

What started as a garage hobby is now so much more. Established in 2019, Scorched Concepts is a family-owned-and-operated company based in Glendale, Arizona that specializes in making rustic wooden flags and selling them at affordable prices.

Our business is dedicated to paying tribute to the many American service members. We create flags that symbolize the country, as well as the many brave souls who live to protect and serve like our first responders, military, and veterans.

Meet The Scorched Concepts Family

Owner and Creator Steve Danylowitz started Scorched Concepts simply due to his huge appreciation for First Responders and those who protect and serve our beautiful country.

Steve and his wife Laura have been married for 15 years and have been blessed with two beautiful children. This is truly a family owned and operated company, even with their 11-year-old daughter Mackensi making her own flags to show off some school spirit.

The family shares a huge love for the Arizona Cardinals, good old fashion camping trips, finding dozens of the hidden treasures that their beautiful state offers, and of course supporting their local community with Scorched Concepts’ rustic flag collections. 



MAY 1, 2020

Honor Arizona’s front line COVID-19 responders

Luke Air Force Base, which included the 56th Fighter Wing and the 944th Fighter Wing, along with the Arizona National Guard 161st Air Refueling Wing will honor Arizona’s front line COVID-19 responders with a community flyover May 1, 2020.


MAY 15, 2020

2020 - Remember the Fallen Virtual 21K Run Walk - Phoenix

The Virtual Run Challenge paying tribute to these soldiers we are introducing our first annual Memorial Day Virtual Running event.


MAY 25, 2020

Memorial Day - Raise the flag with honor and respect!

Memorial Day commemorates the men and women who died while in the military service of their country.


JULY 4. 2020

July 4th Tempe Town Lake Festival

The 69th Annual July 4th Tempe Town Lake Festival is the largest annual event in Tempe.


NOV. 14, 2020

Veterans Day Gathering 2020 - Hosted by Glamis Veterans

The 17th annual Veterans Day Gathering will take place at 11am on November 14th. Glamis Veterans will once again change out Old Glory and recognize all military veterans in attendance. Arrive early and get a good spot for the show!

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